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Where Does Coffee Come From?

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We all enjoy a cup of coffee to help kickstart the day, but have you ever put much thought into where the coffee in your cup comes from?

BizBrain have, and they’ve produced this nicely designed parallax-scrolling infographic to show you the journey of your coffee from bean to cup. Some of the animations are a little clunky when scrolling, which is a shame, but the graphics are really nicely done and the whole thing works a little better if you hold the down arrows rather than scrolling (although you’ll need to be quick to read everything!).

Check out the full parallax scrolling piece by click on the screenshot below:


John Pring

John is one of the editors of HTML5 Infographics and one of the people to get in touch with if you'd like your interactive piece or motion graphic featured on the site. He's particularly interested in sport, film, music and technology graphics.

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