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This infographic from Webby Monks is an interesting combination of static, interactive and parallax – so much so I’m not entirely sure how to define it. It’s excellently designed however, and although it could have done with some more interactive elements, the illustrations are superb and it’s extremely engaging (not to mention having some really interesting information).

The infographic features small animations of the data, which are activated on user scroll. It’s an unusual combination in that the animations are the kind you’d expect in a traditional interactive piece,  but based on scrolling, much in the way you’d expect a parallax piece to work. The animations don’t add a whole lot to the piece in terms of revealing information, but they do add a level of engagement that would unlikely be present in a standard static piece, and the whole thing is generally very nicely finished and illustrated.

You can check out the full piece by clicking the image below:


John Pring

John is one of the editors of HTML5 Infographics and one of the people to get in touch with if you'd like your interactive piece or motion graphic featured on the site. He's particularly interested in sport, film, music and technology graphics.

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