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Visualising The Korean Threat (Interactive Infographic)

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The rhetoric coming out of North Korea in recent weeks has been increasingly aggressive and threatening, backed up by potentially worrying actions, such as closing their communication line with the South, re-starting their nuclear reactor and moving missiles to the border. This has been met with a show of force by the US, including flying stealth fighters and B-2 nuclear-capable bombers over the Korean peninsula, demonstrating their ability to attack North Korea ‘at will’.

But will these events lead to war? Or to North Korea attacking US targets as they have repeatedly threatened? The answer remains unclear, but the situation has become increasingly unstable and has already led to North Korea declaring a ‘state of war’ with South Korea. So if the North did decide to attack US targets, how far could their missiles actually reach? How much damage could they do?

This interactive infographic from Designbysoap answers those questions, and includes a timeline of the events up until the end of March, making for some very interesting reading!

Click the graphic below to see the full interactive piece:


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