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The State of the Internet

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State Of The Internet 2011

The Internet has changed the way we live—that’s obvious. But what we think people forget is how big and important the worldwide web really is. Do you know how much time people spend on the Internet every day? Do you keep track of how many times you tweeted last month? Do you know how many people bought Uggs from Amazon (shame on them!)? No? You don’t?

That’s okay—we’ve done that for you. But beware: what you have before you isn’t just any old infographic. The content might shock you. If you thought that the Internet was just “really big,” you are sadly mistaken. The Internet is colossal. The Internet is a giant elephant that is trampling all across the globe leaving its enormous footprints.

Interact with this infographic. Play with the information and think about what it means for you; to you. Become a part of the story that it has to tell. Why wouldn’t you?


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