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The Evolution of James Bond’s Suits

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We’re mainly focused on interactive and motion graphics here at HTML5 Infographics, but every now and again we’ll feature a static infographic if we think our readers would enjoy it. Today is one of those days, as we’ve come across this beautifully illustrated infographic highlighting the evolution of James Bond’s suits and styling.

The infographic, produced by Shade Station, shows this evolution through a series of really nicely done illustrations, covering the suits, casual wear, tuxedos and eyewear of each iteration of 007 – from Connery in Dr No through to Daniel Crag in Skyfall:


Title image courtesy of Piotr Zajac, Infographic courtesy of Shade Station.

John Pring

John is one of the editors of HTML5 Infographics and one of the people to get in touch with if you'd like your interactive piece or motion graphic featured on the site. He's particularly interested in sport, film, music and technology graphics.

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