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Know of an awesome html5 infographic we should feature here on the blog? Send it over using the contact form below.

Be sure to include a link to your infographic and ideally an iframe code we can use to place it on the blog. If you don’t have one, just include a URL to the page where your interactive piece is hosted.

We charge a small administration fee for reviewing your infographic and writing the accompanying post, this can be paid via PayPal and details will be sent over when you get in touch. All posts are promoted via our social media channels and we always include a credit link along with the post.

Alternatively, you can send your interactive infographics or motion graphics directly to john [at] designbysoap.co.uk or rob [at] designbysoap.co.uk if you’d prefer.

Important: The fee charged to submit infographic is not a paid link, and publication is not dependent solely on your ability to pay this fee. We will only charge you once we’ve looked at the infographic and deemed it suitable and/or high quality enough to be placed on the site. The fee is to cover the time to write an original accompanying post, and for the content team to review the submission. We will provide a credit link back to the original publisher in all cases where submissions are accepted.



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