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Oddest Rich and Famous Sleeping Habits

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It’s quite rare that we feature any non-interactive or motion graphics on the site, but very occasionally we come across an infographic that demonstrates a great concept, solid data and strong design that we feel the need to share. I recently came across this wonderful piece that really fascinated me – particularly as I’m always struggling to get more working hours in the day!

This infographic from Big Brand Beds takes a look at some of the strangest sleeping habits from the world’s most productive (and famous) people, examining the nightly regimens of Richard Branson, Mozart, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Sigmund Freud and many others. I was especially intrigued by the sleeping schedules of Nikola Tesla and Leonardo Da Vinci, both of whom managed to get by on only two hours sleep a night!

Here’s the full infographic:


John Pring

John is one of the editors of HTML5 Infographics and one of the people to get in touch with if you'd like your interactive piece or motion graphic featured on the site. He's particularly interested in sport, film, music and technology graphics.

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