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Interactive Bulova Guide Shows How Brand About Pages Should Be Done

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We’re interested in any kind of interactive piece here at HTML5 Infographics, but more often than not we’re focused on interactive infographics, tools and similar content. The beauty of development however is that you can take any kind of page or content, and go that extra mile to create something that sets you apart from what everyone else is doing.

Today I came across a beautifully created brand page over at Shade Station, where they present the history of Bulova. Now lots of companies that sell watches do this, but it’s usually a simple page made up of text and images, and perhaps a video or two. Rather than doing the bare minimum however, Shade Station took the initiative and created an interactive guide page, featuring videos, copy, infographics, illustration and an intuitive interactive section.

So next time you’re putting together a page for your site, why not follow their example and see if you can go one step further, and create something unique that singles you out from the competition. You can visit the page by clicking the screenshot below:

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