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How Your Eyes Trick Your Mind

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Visual, or optical, illusions have been popular with human beings for as long as they’ve been around – fascinating people of all ages and always proving a source of entertainment and discussion. Far from being just a bit of fun however, optical illusions show us that our minds are constantly making assumptions about the world around us, and often what we see isn’t reality.

I’ve always been a fan of optical illusions, but my interest was piqued again recently after coming across this fantastic infographic from Cartridge People, which got me thinking about the psychological side of these illusions. If our eyes and perception are so easily fooled, what implications does that have regarding how we judge our own reality? How else are our senses falsely affecting our perception of the real world?

These questions bought me to this brilliant interactive piece from BBC Future, which shows how simple optical illusions can reveal a huge amount about how we process time and space, and how we perceive and experience our own consciousness.

Click on the image below to see the full interactive piece:

BBC Future Interactive

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