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Google in Real Time

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Prior to the early 90’s nobody had heard of Google, and we were all using a range of antiquated and varied search engines to find what we were looking for online. Today, the term Google is synonymous with searching online, to the point their brand name has become a legitimate verb (I’m just ‘Googling’ something). It’s not just search either, with the US giant making major strides in social media, laptops, augmented reality, autonomous technology, advertising, books, shopping and just about every other web and technology service you can think of.

But just how popular has Google become? How many searches are completed every second? How much money does the company make? To answer these questions and a host of others, Buddy Loans have produced a phenomenal interactive piece entitled Google in Real Time, which shows you just how big the company has become. Click the image below to see the full piece:


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