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Global Guide to Etiquette

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When it comes to etiquette, we’re all very good at being ‘British’ and often go out of our way to be polite. But as soon as we’re abroad, the rules of etiquette change and we’re often filled with anxiety at the prospect of offending someone or making a fool of ourself.

Luckily, Thomas Cook have produced a stunning interactive guide to world etiquette, helping you to avoid any embarrassing faux pas on your next trip. Heading to Cyprus? Did you know it’s polite to make sure you don’t leave any food on your plate when out at a restaurant? Or perhaps you’re flying out to Malaysia, where’s it customary to give a firm, prolonged handshake when meeting new people. Wherever you’re headed on your next trip, be sure to consult this handy guide to make sure you’re the epitome of politeness.

Click the image below to visit the full interactive:

World Guide to Etiquette

Even though the interactive piece from Thomas Cook introduced you to local etiquette that you might want to follow while travelling abroad, there are still some etiquette rules that remain universal and require basic common sense.

For example, many like to go to the beach for vacation, however you should be aware it’s not typically a place where anything goes. Informal and swim wear are acceptable, but unless you’re 100 percent sure about the level of modesty locals expect, don’t wear anything too skimpy and certainly don’t go bare to a beach that’s not specifically for nudists. Men should also bring along a light t-shirt or tank top, as it’s considered disrespectful in some countries for men to go bare chested on the beach. If the beach is in close proximity to a church or place of worship, err on the side of modesty.

Casinos are another hot vacation destination, and if you plan to try your luck on your travels be aware of the dos and don’ts of going there. Avoid talking on the phone and step away from the card tables if you have to take a call. Likewise, don’t take selfies and pictures inside of any casino — it’s frowned upon just about everywhere. It’s also important to be aware of the casino’s dress code, as some require semi-formal attire. Of course, you can skip the formalities and enjoy virtual gambling – Royal Vegas mobile casino games are fun anytime and anywhere, no dress code required.

And last but not least – Sports!

Sports activities are now more popular than ever, thanks to the awareness and trends set by the social media.
If you like to keep fit, you’ll probably find yourself going to the hotel gym or one near where you’re staying while traveling. Be sure to show up to any group classes at least 15 minutes early so you can check in, sign any required waivers, and ensure you don’t arrive late and disturb the session. Also be careful to leave enough space between yourself and any other gym patrons to avoid coming off as rude.

Whenever in doubt, drop by at this page and refresh you etiquette rules!

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