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50 years of James Bond – A Licence to Drive

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Bond, James Bond. Smooth, sophisticated, and smart. Just like his cars (well apart from the citroen 2cv he drove in ‘For your eyes only’ – no hold on I’m lying – it had it’s very own self destruct system and was the star in possibly the best car chase on film, of all time).

In celebration of 50 years of James Bond – Evanshalshaw.com have spent some time putting together an interactive guide to all of his cars. It’s smooth, sophisticated and extremely smart – Bond would approve.

Go: http://www.evanshalshaw.com/bondcars/

On the lookout to buy your very own Bond Car? Keep an eye out for Happier.co.uk’s upcoming guide to buying a used car privately and how to get an insanely good deal while making sure you are not buying a vehicle with an inbuilt self destruct system!


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